Our Services

What We Do

As your content marketing partner, we can work with you on:

  • Content auditing, strategy and development
  • Copywriting
  • Publication design
  • Print/digital production and distribution
  • Promotion
  • SEO
  • Association partnerships
  • Marketing retainer programs
  • Lunch & Learn Events
  • Webinars
  • Interactive Virtual Events

Our Products

The bread and butter of our business, we can deliver turnkey any of the following content types for your marketing plans:

Case Study Example
Case Studies
  • Showcase a successful technology application story or customer relationship
  • We can write the story for you to use, as well as lay it out in a 2-page PDF handout and/or post to our brand website
White Paper Example
White Papers
  • Release knowledgeable commentary that helps your prospects understand an industry issue, solve a common or complex problem, or make a decision
  • We can be as brief as you need (3 to 4 pages) or conduct research for a more authoritative report
Sponsored/Native Content Example
Sponsored/Native Content
  • Generate topical content to engage your market online and create promotion to drive targeted audiences to your stories
  • Sponsored content can also be created and published run-of-book as an advertorial
E-book Example
  • Create e-books that can also embed links and videos to showcase your solutions to current and prospective customers, giving them a one-stop resource for information
  • E-books can be static (PDF) or interactive (Digimag)
E-newsletters Example
  • Educate the market with custom email marketing campaigns that highlight key industry topics or important company news
  • Content can include more than just summaries and links - consider infographics and other visual assets
Lunch and Learns | Pavel Losevsky - Stock.Adobe.com
Lunch & Learn Events
  • Short virtual presentations on timely topics to deliver your message to targeted audiences
  • Conveniently available online for attendees live or later on-demand
E-newsletters Example
  • Insightful, content-rich sessions with industry leaders on our dedicated webinar platform
  • Promoted through our multi-platform marketing materials and moderated by brand editors
E-newsletters Example
Interactive Virtual Events
  • Unique interactive format brings the conference experience to your desktop with our interactive online platform
  • Multi-session or multi-day events to provide presentations, interactive Q&As with industry leaders, and educational resources to engaged audiences
Print/Digital Publications Example
Print/Digital Publications
  • Develop a custom magazine with original content, tailored and targeted to select audiences in order to maximize reach
  • Distribute the magazine in print (standalone or in combination with one of our issues) and digital - enhance the digital version with exclusive content or video
Print/Digital Outserts and Inserts Example
Print/Digital Outserts and Inserts
  • Produce outserts (such as tip covers) and inserts (such as pullout cards or posters) to make your messaging stand out from the rest of the issue’s advertisers
  • Include vital information and data that your audiences can use as a resource - such as maps or calendars to pin on a wall
Directories Example
  • Produce membership or tradeshow directories for your association
  • We organize and lay out the listings, contact information and supporting material in a clean, professional manner
Website Content Example
Website Content (Including Blogs)
  • Generate the content you need to bolster or enhance your company’s website
  • We can write blogs, company pages, press releases and more
Social Media Example
Social Media
  • Get the support you need to maintain your social media presence
  • We can develop written and visual content and social media campaigns, as well as track performance and stats
Videos Example
  • Storyboard, film and edit videos that promote product introductions, feature on-screen interviews or voiceovers, highlight project installations and more
Podcasts Example
  • Develop, record and establish a podcast series that discusses emerging trends in your industry
Consumer Magazines Example
Consumer Magazines
  • Write, design and produce a consumer-focused magazine for your audiences

Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well.

~ @MarketingProfs

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